What is a smark in pro wrestling?

A fan who knows pro wrestling is scripted

A smark, or "smart mark," is a pro wrestling fan who knows and acknowledges that the "sport" is scripted. However, despite knowing that most of their favorite sport is a work, smarks tend to love pro wrestling just as much as "regular" marks.

In the Internet era, most pro wrestling fans quickly discover that pro wrestling is more of an action-oriented soap opera than a sport. So, most Internet-era fans are at least part smark. These days, wrestling fans are more likely to use mark to refer to fans who like to pretend pro wrestling's outcomes are genuine, despite knowing otherwise, and smark to refer to fans who like to openly discuss the behind-the-scenes considerations that lead to each match's outcome, as well as wrestlers' technical and theatrical proficiency.


All these smarks think they know what's going on behind the scenes, but they don't

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Updated September 23, 2021

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