Sneaky Link

What is a sneaky link on social media?

Secret hook up

A sneaky link is when people covertly hook up. They may keep it secret because they are having an affair, are ashamed of what they're doing, or just enjoy the thrill of the mystery.

Where did "sneaky link" come from?

The term gained popularity on TikTok in May 2021 after the "Sneaky Link" song by HXLLYWOOD went viral on the social platform. For example, one line from the song is, "Girl, I can be your sneaky link."

Who uses the "sneaky link" phrase?

Teenagers and young adults on social sites like TikTok and Twitter are the ones who primarily use "sneaky link" to describe secret relationships. People may meet their sneaky link partners on social sites when DMing, on Tinder, and in person. The flings may be limited to just kissing in more innocent contexts but often involve sexual activity.


No one will ever find my sneaky links. I'll take them to my grave
TikToker talking about her sneaky link
TikToker talking about her sneaky link

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Updated April 26, 2022

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