What does it mean to snitch?

To inform on others to an authority

Snitching is when you share someone's secrets with an authority figure (such as a parent, teacher, or federal agent), effectively getting them in trouble. For example, if a friend confesses to stealing his neighbor's car and you tell the authorities about him, you just snitched.

People may also use snitch as a noun to describe people who snitch. For example, if your little brother tells your dad you snuck out of the house past curfew, you might threaten him, "You're gonna pay for that, snitch!"

You might see or hear snitch in various contexts, including in person, online, and in messages. Additionally, people typically use snitch as an insult since it has a negative connotation of betrayal. However, some argue that snitching is a good thing since it means you are being honest.

Origin of snitch

The origins of the "snitch" slang term are unclear. Some sources claim that it comes from "sneak" or "snake," while others claim it dates back to the 1800s when "snitch" meant "nose" (used to call someone nosy).


My sister snitched on me so I can't go to the party tonight
Man, that sucks
Tell me about it
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Reddit post about views on snitches
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Updated November 8, 2023

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