What does stunting mean?

Showing off

Stunting is when a person shows off (usually in an obvious manner) to impress someone. It typically involves a person trying to impress someone they are attracted to, like when a guy is desperate to get the attention of a love interest (common rom com trope).

Where does stunting come from?

The origins of the term are unclear. However, the name comes from "stunt," as in planning and executing a stunt (probably elaborate) to gain someone's attention.

Stunting examples

Stunting may be subtle or in-your-face obvious. A subtle example of stunting is to open your wallet and drop your excessive amount of cash on purpose. Or, a guy may wear a flashy suit to a wedding to catch the eyes of other single ladies attending. A more noticeable example is when you hijack a school assembly to lip-sync your crush's favorite musical artist.


It was so obvious Max was stunting to get Roxanne's attention
And she didn't even notice him!

Stunting with some outrageous threads

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Updated January 26, 2022

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