What is a stunad?

An unintelligent person

A "stunad" is a person who lacks common sense (otherwise known as "stupid" or even "crazy"). It is a derogatory term people (typically Italians) may utter when annoyed by someone making stupid decisions.

For example, if your brother borrows money from you and gambles it away, you might say, "I can't believe I lent that stunad any money." Or, if your friend gets hit by a reckless driver, she might exclaim, "That stunad nearly killed me because she was texting and driving!"

Origin of stunad

The slang term "stunad" originates from Italian-American immigrants. Stunad (or "stunod") comes from "stonato" (or "stunat" or "stunatu" depending on the language variation), an Italian word for "out of tune." It became slang for people who were out of tune with the rest of the world, whether it be in an unintelligent or crazy manner.


Do you remember Roger from high school?
Yeah, that guy was such a stunad. He almost got me killed once. Why?
We just got engaged
Ohhh ... congrats!
Stunad tweet
Stunad tweet

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Updated July 12, 2023

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