What is a supe?


Supe is an abbreviation for "superhuman" popularized by The Boys comic book and show. People may also use supe to refer to a "superhero" (regardless of comic affiliation), such as Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Thor.

In The Boys, supes are humans modified by Compound V (although some are born with abilities). This super serum gives them superhuman capabilities, such as flying, incredible strength, speed, telepathy, and teleportation. Some supes in the series include Homelander, Black Noir, Starlight, and Stormfront.

Unlike the typical superhero, supes are often morally-flawed and corrupt. They usually end up as law enforcers and celebrities. If you watch the show or read the comic, you will often encounter the abbreviation. However, fans of the series also commonly use supes on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit when discussing the series.

General use of supe

You may also see people online or hear people in person use supes to refer to superheroes, in general. For example, a film buff tired of all the superhero movies may tweet, "Are we finally done with the supes genre? Let's get back to more creative and fresh films."


Of all the supes, I like Homelander the best
Why? He's so bad
Exactly. It's more fun when there is darkness instead of just bland goodness
Supe fan tweet
Supe fan tweet

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Updated March 8, 2023

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