Throw The Game

What does throw the game mean?

Lose the game on purpose

To throw a game means to lose that game on purpose. Someone who throws a game is most likely very capable of winning that game but, for reasons of their own, has decided to lose the game instead.

The earliest recorded written usage of the phrase "throw the game" dates to the 19th century. In this context, the word "throw" means to "discard" or "toss away," conveying a contestant's disinterest in winning a seemingly-meaningful game.

Most often, the phrase "throwing the game" is used in the context of professional sports. Players and teams can be accused of throwing games for a variety of reasons, including better tournament seeding, better draft picks, and to make money via illegal betting. However, gamers may also accuse each other of throwing games, and most every spouse has considered throwing a game played against their SO when their bae needs the morale boost.


I can't believe Josh threw the game just because that girl on the other team was hot. Doesn't he know rec league volleyball is serious???
An example use of "throw the game" on Reddit
An example use of "throw the game" on Reddit

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Updated November 25, 2020

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