What does throwing mean in gaming and sports?

Losing a winnable game on purpose

Throwing is when a competitor loses a game, match, etc., on purpose. It comes from "throwing a game," which is a phrase that dates to the 19th century, where a disinterested contestant discards or tosses a winnable game within their grasp.

You may encounter competitors throwing in various contexts, including sports, card games, and online gaming. It is especially annoying for those wanting to play a real game where they can test and improve their skills instead of beating someone trying to lose on purpose.

Reasons for throwing

Some players or teams may throw for better tournament seeding, draft picks, or possibly to make money from illegal betting. Or, they may throw to make their opponent feel better (often a friend or romantic partner).

Gamers may also throw as a way of trolling or griefing to rile others up. For example, they may purposely run into hazards, jump off the map, or not move their character from their spawn area. Additionally, some gamers may claim they are throwing, but they are actually trying and too embarrassed to admit they are bad at the game.


Where's Jake?
I didn't invite him because he keeps throwing. I only wanted players who were gonna take this srsly
Reddit post about throwing
Reddit post about throwing

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Updated May 17, 2023

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