What does TIHI stand for on social media?

Thanks, I hate it

On Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites, TIHI stands for "thanks, I hate it." Posters use this acronym to express mock-gratitude after encountering something they very much dislike.

Anytime a user posts something gross, unsettling, or otherwise disconcerting, you may see other users respond with TIHI. For example, if a Twitter user were to post a picture of the half-CGI, half-human characters from the movie CATS (2019), at least one other tweeter would likely respond with TIHI.

While the exact origin of the phrase "thanks, I hate it" is unknown, it seems to have become popular sometime in 2017. As its usage increased, "thanks, I hate it" was acronymized to TIHI, and those who love to use the sarcastic expression even launched their own subreddit at r/TIHI.


Wow, a picture of the inside of a whale intestine? TIHI
A mother using TIHI on Twitter
A mother using TIHI on Twitter

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Updated January 7, 2021

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