What does TOD stand for?

Truth or dare

To truth-tellers and thrill-seekers, TOD stands for "truth or dare." This party game is popular with kids, teens, and even some adults - who love asking others to bare their souls or complete physical challenges.

A typical game of TOD involves a small group of people sitting in a circle and posing the question "Truth or dare?" to each other. If a person chooses "truth," they are then asked a question that they must answer honestly (even if the answer is shocking or embarrassing). If they choose "dare," they're asked to complete a silly, scary, or ill-advised physical challenge (such as kissing the person next to them).

In the smartphone era, some people have begun playing TOD over the phone. Truths, after all, can be told just as easily via text, and the completion of dares can be verified via pictures and videos. Just be careful what embarrassing and/or potentially incriminating information you keep on your phone ...


We played TOD at the slumber party last weekend. It was hilarious!

Lisa and Homer Simpson, playing some TOD

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Updated December 1, 2020

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