What does DYD stand for?

Don't you dare

DYD is an acronym that stands for "Don't you dare," which is similar to saying, "You better not!" It may be used in a stern or jestful way to warn against a person saying or doing something.

You can tell if the acronym is being used in a playful way or serious manner by knowing the context in which it's used, This includes the information or action that is being threatened and the people involved in the conversation. Your BFF may text "DYD" if you threaten to share her crush or you may send "DYD" in a direct message to a bully online. Since context is important, be careful when and where you use the acronym.


Goin' 4 pizza, bbs
DYD! Out of class in 10; wait 4 me

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Updated July 17, 2019

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