Tush Push

What is the tush push in football?

A play where the quarterback is pushed to gain yards

Tush push is a football play where the quarterback hikes the ball, then is pushed forward into the offensive and defensive line by teammates to gain yards. Typically, teams execute the play in short-yardage situations, like on the goal line or 4th down, to gain one or two yards.

You will likely only hear tush push in the context of football, whether you are watching an NFL game or discussing football on social media. For example, you might post, "I think the tush push is such a boring and unfair play that the NFL will make it illegal in the offseason."

Origin of tush push

It is unclear who coined the "tush push" slang term, but the Philadelphia Eagles popularized it during the 2023 season. The play often included teammates pushing Jalen Hurts' (the quarterback) tush for extra leverage and momentum.

The Eagles utilized it so successfully that it became controversial since opponents deemed it unfair and dangerous to players' health (especially when the offensive line would dive at the legs of the defensive line). People may also refer to it as the brotherly shove.


If the Eagles get within three yards of the endzone, they can just do the tush push to easily get into the endzone
Yeah, it makes for very boring and predictable football. But the defense has gotta stop it
Twitter post about stopping the tush push
Twitter post about stopping the tush push

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Updated October 24, 2023

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