What does TWIMC stand for?

To whom it may concern

TWIMC stands for "to whom it may concern." You're most likely to encounter this informal version of a very formal phrase on social media, when someone is @ing a group or company. More rarely, you may encounter TWIMC at the start of an email, addressed to a group or unknown individual.

If you're ever in doubt, choose to write out "to whom it may concern" rather than using TWIMC. For example, if you're composing an email to a company that you're interested in partnering with, it's better to write out "to whom it may concern," rather than risk being misunderstood (or worse, rejected for being too informal).


TWIMC, I am interested in knowing what positions are available at your company
For people who can't write out to whom it may concern? None
A use of TWIMC on Twitter
A use of TWIMC on Twitter

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Updated April 7, 2023

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