What is a twindemic?

A dual pandemic

As reports of flurona increased in early 2022, health officials and journalists began discussing the possibility of a twindemic - or dual pandemic. This slang term is not specific to covid or any other disease, and can be used to describe any double-pandemic situation. However, in 2022, twindemic was used specifically to discuss the likelihood of a flu pandemic coinciding with the already-ongoing covid pandemic.

After mostly lying low in 2021, the flu returned with a vengeance in early 2022 (possibly because fewer countries were employing covid-related lockdowns). Thus, many countries' already-overwhelmed hospitals began having to treat flu patients in addition to covid patients. This led to discussions, in news articles and on social media, of what might happen if the covid pandemic was joined by a flu pandemic, to create a twindemic.


Sure, let's start 2022 with a twindemic. Why not?
TMW when your pandemic becomes a twindemic
TMW when your pandemic becomes a twindemic

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Updated January 7, 2022

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