1. What does CGM stand for in hair care?

Curly girl method

Those discussing hair care use CGM to refer to the "curly girl method." This specialized hair care regimen, designed to keep curly and wavy hair looking healthy, was created by hairstylist Lorraine Massey.

What is the CGM?

While each individual's version of the CGM varies, most involve:

  • Washing with only conditioner (aka CO Washing), instead of shampoo
  • Eschewing any sulfate- and silicone-containing hair care products
  • Blowdrying with a diffuser
  • Never combing or brushing

In short, those practicing the CGM treat their hair gently, to minimize the damage and dryness that can result from "typical" hair care methods.


I started using the CGM on my hair years ago and never looked back
The CGM isn't just for girls
The CGM isn't just for girls

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Updated July 19, 2022
2. What does CGM stand for?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

An acronym that refers to a function on a diabetes medical device that continuously monitors blood sugar, or glucose; can be seen on diabetes forums and blogs; see also CGMS.


My doctor prescribed CGM for me to monitor my blood sugar for a few days

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Updated August 19, 2014

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