What does WAG stand for?

Wives and girlfriends

A wife or girlfriend of a famous person, like an athlete or actor, may be referred to as a "WAG." You will most likely see the acronym online or in tabloids when people are discussing the counterparts of famous soccer (football) players.

WAG are common targets of paparazzi because the public wants to know the people who are dating or married to their favorite celebrities. Unfortunately, they are often reduced to how attractive they are and heavily criticized by fans.

While WAG represents wives and girlfriends, you may also see it as a singular noun with an "s" added to make it plural. For example, "WAGs seem to lead glamorous lives but they are constantly under scrutiny."


I can't believe Victoria Beckham didn't make the top 10 WAG list
Wannabe WAG tweet
Wannabe WAG tweet

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Updated May 10, 2022

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