Waiver Hawk

What does waiver hawk mean?

A fantasy sports owner who patrols the waiver wire

A waiver hawk is an owner in fantasy sports, like fantasy football or fantasy baseball, who patrols the waiver wire to pick up players moments after they become a free agent. The name comes from the laser-like focus and patience of a real hawk hunting prey and an owner hunting a player that is placed on the league's waiver wire.

The waiver wire is known in real-life and fantasy sports as the period when a player is released from his team and before he becomes a free agent. There is an order that teams are placed in to have priority to pick up players. The order is based on the team's record (the worst team has first priority) and how often they pick up players (when you pick up a player from waivers you go to the back of the line). Owners become waiver hawks when a player they deem as valuable to their team is going to clear waivers and they get up early in the morning to pick up the player moments after he becomes available as a free agent. This strategy allows the owner to not sacrifice his waiver order when picking up the player.


Brad is a real waiver hawk
Yeah I saw he picked up Jones right after midnight
Waiver Hawk means
Waiver Hawk means A fantasy sports owner who patrols the waiver wire

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Updated October 18, 2016

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