What does WCGW mean?

What could go wrong

Redditors and other social media users who ask WCGW are asking "what could go wrong." This acronym typically precedes a description of a situation that could (or did) go horribly wrong.

Where does WCGW come from?

"What could go wrong" is a saying people use to identify situations that are likely to end poorly. For example, a friend who is about to perform their first solo skydive may sarcastically ask you "What could go wrong?"

The acronymized version of "what could go wrong" has been in use for some time, but these days you're most likely to see it appear in posts on the r/Whatcouldgowrong subreddit.

How is WCGW used?

Redditors posting to the r/Whatcouldgowrong subreddit typically begin their posts with WCGW, before describing a situation that went wrong. For example, a post with the title "WCGW with launching a drone" might include a video of a drone careening into a lake during takeoff.

On other social media platforms, a user might end a post describing a messed-up situation with WCGW. This emphasizes that the situation is likely to become a SNAFU.


Sure, bring my ex-boyfriend to my birthday party. WCGW
A sample WCGW post from Reddit
A sample WCGW post from Reddit

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Updated March 18, 2021

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