What is a workcation?

A working vacation

A workcation is when a person remotely works while on vacation (a combination of "work" and "vacation"), possibly from a hotel or Airbnb rental. For example, you may vacation at a beach home with your family but spend business hours working on your laptop while they play at the beach.

Since the advent of remote work, the line between employees' personal and professional lives has blurred. Remote work (WFH, WFA, and WFX) significantly increased in the 2010s with tech progression (e.g., advancement of computer performance and Internet speeds) and exploded in the early 2020s during covid social distancing restrictions.

Typically, there are two primary reasons for workcations: 1) The worker does not have enough vacation days but still wants to go on vacation, or 2) the worker is a workaholic, struggling to disengage from work responsibilities, especially if co-workers or employers are demanding 24/7 access to them. Companies may also hold conferences or group business trips that employees might refer to as workcations.


How was your vacation in the Bahamas?
Great! Except Geoffrey made it a workcation when he helped broker a deal the whole time we were there
Bummer. :/
Workcation poolside
Workcation poolside

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Updated April 18, 2024

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