Worked Shoot

What is a worked shoot?

A scripted event that contains unscripted elements

In professional wrestling, a worked shoot is an event that combines scripted and unscripted elements. This term is a combination of the terms work and shoot, which refer to, respectively, scripted and unscripted events.

Most of professional wrestling is a work, but every so often, a shoot sneaks its way into a performance. Because shoots can cause fans to get hyped in a unique way that works do not, writers sometimes attempt to stage shoots or incorporate elements of genuine shoots into scripted storylines. When recognized, these half-real, half-fake moments are called worked shoots.

What is an example of a worked shoot?

In the early 2000s, wrestler Lita, whose real name is Amy Dumas, was pursuing a real-life relationship with wrestler Matt Hardy. Dumas then began having an affair with wrestler Adam Copeland, better known as Edge. WWE used the trio's real-life relationship issues (a shoot) as fuel for an on-screen rivalry between Edge and Hardy (a work), turning the drama into a worked shoot.


I still don't know whether that Bash at the Beach segment was a work, a shoot, or a worked shoot

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Updated April 14, 2021

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