What is a workaholic?

A person who is constantly working

A workaholic is a person who works incessantly, often in the form of long, hard hours at a job. However, workaholism is not limited to their employment since workaholics may find it hard to stop working at home, whether repairing a broken appliance, doing yard work, etc.

Workaholic is a well-known term you may see or hear in person, online, in messages, etc. However, it is generally regarded as a negative term since workaholics are unable to disconnect and relax.

They may struggle with their personal lives outside of work and don't want to confront emotional or mental matters. Or, they may value themselves based on how much they can produce or succeed, which feeds into their compulsion to work.

Origin of workaholic

The slang term "workaholic" comes from the combination of "work" and "aholic" (derived from "alcoholic." It is unclear who originally coined it, but many linguists point to psychologist Wayne Oates in 1971.


My dad was very kind but such a workaholic. He didn't spend much time with us until we were adults and he was retired
That's sad
Yeah, he apologized, but you can't get those years back, unfortunately
You might be a workaholic if you are falling asleep while working
You might be a workaholic if you are falling asleep while working

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Updated May 3, 2023

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