What is xitb4ili short for?

Exit before I lose it

When someone you're chatting with sends you xitb4ili (exit before I lose it), they want you to leave the chat session immediately. If you don't, they're liable to go off on you.

People send xitb4ili when you've upset them in some manner, either deliberately or otherwise. For example, if you've been trolling one of your teammates in an online game, they may send you xitb4ili it in in-game chat. (This person's also likely to report you to the game's moderators.) Or, if you accidentally said something that triggered a person, they may send you xitb4ili.

Either way, you may want to heed the person's advice and leave the chat channel sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you're likely to encounter some explicit acronyms whose meanings aren't listed in our clean slang dictionary.


OMG noob, ur so bad. Xitb4ili
Whatevs jerk. Hope you keep losing

A man who's about to send xitbili

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Updated October 11, 2022

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