Zombie Lie

What is a zombie lie?

A disproven claim that still persists

A zombie lie is a lie so ingrained in the culture and people's thoughts that it seems to never die, much like a zombie. Even when the lie is disproved by clear facts, often on multiple occasions, the zombie lie persists.

Zombie lies are often myths or old wives' tales that have affected how we view things, even if research has proved otherwise. Some examples of zombie lies include waiting 30 minutes to swim after eating, chewing gum that stays in your stomach for seven years after swallowing, and coffee stunting people's growth.

While zombie lies may persist because it's hard to let go of beliefs, some people deliberately keep them alive because it benefits them, politically, personally, etc. For example, a parent may tell their child they can eat the food they just dropped on the floor if it's picked up within five seconds (even though bacteria transfers immediately) because they don't want to prepare or dish up more food for them.


The movie keeps spreading the zombie lie about Christopher Columbus even though most historians have proven it false
Yeah, it seems like deliberate propaganda at this point

Zombie lies keep coming back even after you think you kill them

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Updated August 8, 2023

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