1. What does AAK stand for?

Alive and kicking

AAK is a light-hearted way of saying someone is still alive and hanging in there. It is typically sent as a response when someone asks how the person is doing.

Where does AAK come from?

The "alive and kicking" phrase dates back to at least the early-19th century when it referred to people actually being able to kick as a sign that they were still alive. AAK was eventually adopted as an acronym for the phrase in the late-1990s and 2000s as Internet lingo and texting became more commonplace.

Who uses AAK?

Older, slang-savvy adults typically use the acronym, but it is rather obscure. Not many younger adults or teenagers use it so you might say that AAK won't be alive and kicking much longer.

When do people use AAK?

People typically use AAK when they are looking on the bright side of a tough situation and are thinking, "at least I'm alive and kicking." They may use it when talking about a stressful situation, like completing a big exam or losing a close game. Some other, more serious instances include responding to a question about a health scare or brush with death in the form of cancer or car crash.


How was your test?
Well, I'm still AAK

Happy to be AAK!

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Updated March 22, 2021
2. What does AAK stand for?

Asleep at keyboard

An acronym that means you're bored by something on the keyboard; can refer to a game, task, movie etc. that can be done on the computer; most likely does not mean that you are literally asleep at the keyboard.


I'm so bored of all these spreadsheets, AAK

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Updated April 16, 2014

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