What does PEBCAK mean?

Problem exists between chair and keyboard

PEBCAK is when a person using a computer is causing the problem, not the actual computer. For example, a person unable to access the Internet on their computer, not because of the computer but because they accidentally turned off the Internet connection, is a PEBCAK.

You will likely see PEBCAK online in computer-related forums or when messaging about an IT-related issue. For example, a user in a forum may post, "I think we have a PEBCAK here because the situation he described doesn't make sense."

Additionally, while people may use PEBCAK to describe a situation, they may also use it as an insult to make fun of someone. For example, your friend may lament about having to help his mom with computer issues, "She's such as PEBCAK. She doesn't even know how force close an app."


Are you sure the problem is with the software and not PEBCAK? ;-)
You might be right. I'll check with her again

That PEBCAK feeling

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Updated June 27, 2023

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