What does CMV stand for?

Change my view

CMV is a way to challenge a person to change your viewpoint on a certain topic. It is commonly associated with Reddit since it stands for "Change My View," a subreddit where Redditors share their perspectives to receive viewpoints from other Redditors.

The CMV subreddit was created on January 16, 2013, and morphed into a place where Redditors can pose serious and sometimes humorous viewpoints with the hopes of receiving comments from other Redditors that promote civil dialogue. However, because this is the Internet, the discourse can sometimes become toxic and pointless.

People may also use CMV outside of Reddit on social sites like Twitter and in texts when wanting to engage in a discussion. Examples of topics discussed include politics, religion, racism, sexuality, gun control, movie rankings, and the proper way to brush your teeth.


CMV: Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the worst in the franchise
Reddit CMV post with upvotes and comments
Reddit CMV post with upvotes and comments

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Updated May 27, 2021

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