Boyfriend Effect

What is the boyfriend effect on TikTok?

Changes experienced since getting a boyfriend

The "boyfriend effect" is the change a person has experienced (mostly in their appearance) since starting a relationship with their boyfriend. The term started trending in March 2023 on TikTok (as an extension of boyfriend air), predominantly among female Gen Zers sharing before and after photos of themselves since they started dating.

The photos people share in boyfriend effect posts typically consist of two photos. The first includes a refined selfie with make-up, well-kept hair, and nice clothes. In contrast, their second photo consists of no make-up, unkempt hair, and comfortable clothes, like sweats and a t-shirt.

Many boyfriend effect posts are self-deprecating since they primarily describe how their appearance has "degraded." However, many of these posts elicit supportive comments focusing on how happy, comfortable, and natural the person looks.


OMG, I've been hit hard by the boyfriend effect
AYKM? You look great!
Boyfriend effect TikTok post
Boyfriend effect TikTok post

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Updated March 29, 2023

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