What does blursed mean?

Blessed and cursed

Blursed is an adjective that means "blessed and cursed." It is mostly used by Redditors to describe images that both delight and disgust them.

On Reddit, users often say images that delight them (such as a picture of a cute puppy) are blessed, and images that disgust or disturb them (such as a picture of a child being hunted by a man in a knockoff Barney the Dinosaur costume) are cursed. Blursed images are both blessed and cursed - they simultaneously delight and disturb viewers.

As an example, a picture of a beautiful, ripe tomato that looks exactly like Rick Astley may be described as blursed. Blursed images are typically posted in Reddit's r/blursedimages subreddit, but you may also encounter them in other subreddits and on other social media platforms.


I've been blursed with the opportunity to retake my midterm ... I'd rather just be done with it, but I need the higher score
A blursed image from Reddit
A blursed image from Reddit

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Updated April 1, 2021

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