Breakfast Ball

What is a breakfast ball in golf?

A redo shot from the first tee

In golf, "breakfast ball" is a type of mulligan that allows a player to re-take a poor shot (when agreed upon by players since it is not an official rule). However, unlike mulligans, breakfast balls typically only apply to the first tee shot, not any shot.

For example, if you begin a golf round and hit an errant shot into the trees off the tee, your playing partner may say, "That's a breakfast ball. Take another shot." Or, you may shoot a meh shot that lands off the fairway and remark, "I'm taking a breakfast ball. I can do better than that."

Origin of breakfast ball

It is unclear who coined the "breakfast ball" golfing slang term, but it comes from the time of day (early morning near breakfast) when players often take the first tee shot. Because the player likely had no chance to warm up, they may hit a poor shot off the first tee, thus the allowance for a redo.


Besides that breakfast ball, I played pretty well through the first three holes
And then it all fell apart
Par for the course. ;)
Breakfast ball question on Reddit
Breakfast ball question on Reddit

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Updated November 15, 2023

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