Saddam Hussein

What does saddam hussein mean?

Golf shot from one bunker into another bunker

Saddam Hussein is a golf term for when a player hits a ball from a bunker into another bunker. The term comes from the connection between the sand in bunkers and Saddam Hussein hiding in the desert sand.

Bunkers are hazards that are commonly placed around the green to give an added degree of difficulty to the course. Shots from the bunker are difficult because of the shiftiness of sand making it easy to mishit a shot and land in another bunker or stay in the same bunker. Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi dictator who was forced into hiding in 2003 by the U.S. and eventually killed in 2006.


He pulled a Saddam Hussein and ended up with a double bogey
Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

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Updated August 30, 2016

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