What is a bricklayer in basketball?

A basketball player who is shooting a lot of bricks

In basketball, a bricklayer is a player whose shot is off. They are shooting a lot of bricks, which means their shots are clanging off the rim or backboard.

There are no clear origins for brick or bricklayer in the basketball context, but the sentiment behind the terms is that your shot is so ugly and unsuccessful that it's like you are throwing bricks at the hoop. So, when you are shooting a lot of bricks, fans and announcers label you as a bricklayer, which is not a compliment.

Every shooter, even the great ones like Steph Curry and Ray Allen, has off-nights and been called bricklayers. But some of the all-time worst bricklayers include Chris Dudley, Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace, and Shaquille O'Neal.


Westbrook has been a bricklayer tonight, going 1 for 12 and missing half of his free throws
Laying bricks
Laying bricks

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Updated May 24, 2022

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