What does hoops mean?


If someone asks you to go to play "hoops," they are asking if you want to play basketball. People may use the nickname in many contexts, including online, in messages, and in real life.

For example, NBA fans may discuss a player's ability to play on social media, "that man is legit. he can play hoops with anyone." Or, your friend may text you, "hoops after school?"

Origin of hoops

The slang term "hoops" comes from the round rims and nets players attempt to shoot the ball through to score (thus recording points). The round rim resembles a hoop, which is how it got its nickname. Additionally, the term became popular in the 1980s and 90s.


Wanna go play hoops at the gym?
Fo sho. I'll be there at 5

Dunking the ball while playing hoops

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Updated November 7, 2023

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