What is C.AI short for?


C.AI is an abbreviation for Character.AI, an online service that lets users chat with AI-generated representations of celebrities and fictional characters. For example, a C.AI user can discuss their favorite foods with Bowser, ask William Shakespeare if he really wrote all those famous plays, and try to convince Elon Musk to seek psychiatric help.

As you'd expect given netizens' variable nature, C.AI conversations run the gamut from tame and heartwarming to entirely NSFW. So, when you encounter C.AI-generated content on forums or social media, YMMV on whether you consider it appropriate.

Other uses of C.AI

While C.AI typically refers to Character.AI, Microsoft has also developed a chatbot named C.AI. This chatbot appears in Microsoft Teams, where it answers users' questions about how to use the program.


I use C.AI to talk to Queen Elizabeth II. I still can't believe she's gone
C.AI's homepage
C.AI's homepage

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Updated March 3, 2023

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