Catch The Bus

What does catch the bus mean?

To commit suicide

Catch the bus is a phrase that comes from the fact that getting hit by a bus is a lethal endeavor. Knowing this, people, often online, use the phrase as a way to refer to committing suicide.

You may see the phrase used online in forums, messages, and social media (people also abbreviate it as CTB). You may also hear people use it in real life (IRL).

Origin of catch the bus

The "catch the bus" phrase originates from online communities in the 1990s. Many claim that the "" Usenet newsgroup is where people first started posting messages with the phrase.


I'm really worried about Tyler. He's made several comments online about catching the bus
Yeah, we need to get him some professional help
"Catch the bus" post on Reddit
"Catch the bus" post on Reddit

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Updated August 30, 2023

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