What is a killfie?

A potentially deadly selfie

Sometimes, people's quest to get the perfect selfie can lead them to take stupid, possibly fatal risks. Online, people often refer to these dangerous selfies as killfies - because they have the potential to get the selfie taker killed.

For example, if an Instagrammer posts a selife they took while participating in Pamplona's famous running of the bulls, others might refer to that photo as a killfie. Or, if one of your Facebook friends posts a picture of themself standing on a volcano's rim, others might respond with "Nice killfie, how'd you even get up there?"

As death-defying selfies have become more and more popular, so has the word killfie. In some (hopefully rare) instances, you may also see users refer to a death caused by a killfie as a selficide (a portmanteau of selfie and suicide).


Look at this pic. I'm standing right in the flood path!
You're lucky you survived getting that killfie
Killfies are a big problem in India
Killfies are a big problem in India

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Updated August 4, 2023

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