Chef's Kiss

What does chef's kiss mean?


Chef's kiss is a sign of absolute perfection. People often use it online to remark on something excellent, such as a comment, picture, video, or meme.

The saying comes from the gesture a chef may perform when tasting something wonderful. The gesture consists of a person grouping their fingertips together on their lips, kissing them, then dramatically moving them out into the air in front of them.

Examples of moments worthy of a chef's kiss include a meme that perfectly sums up a person's feelings, a tweet that exposes a person's hypocrisy, and an inspirational video clip. Or, something as simple as hanging with your bae may be a chef's kiss moment.


Juan's outfit tonight was *chef's kiss*
OMG, 1 million percent yes!

The chef's kiss gesture

Chef's kiss in a tweet
Chef's kiss in a tweet

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Updated August 16, 2022

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