Dime has 2 meanings
1. What does dime mean?

Perfect ten

A slang word that means "perfect ten."

The term is used to rank something as perfect on a scale of one to ten. It is commonly utilized when describing another person's attractiveness, especially a female.


You gotta see his gf, she's a dime!

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Updated January 27, 2016
2. What is a dime in basketball?


A dime in basketball is when a player makes a beautiful or challenging pass to a teammate who scores. For example, if Maya Moore makes a pretty assist, she makes a dime or drops a dime.

Where did dime come from?

Dime became a popular substitute for assist in the early-2000s, but there is no clear origin where it comes from. The most common story NBA players and fans point to is that the phrase comes from a time in the past when pay phones required a dime to use them.

If you needed to make a call but didn't have a dime on you, a Good Samaritan may give you a dime to help you out or assist you. Basketball fans and players apply that same logic to a player on the court who passes the ball to a teammate for a score (an assist in basketball statistics).


Did you see Durant's dime to Irving?
Yeah, that was sick

Curry with a dime for a three-pointer

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Updated June 10, 2022

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