Co Washing

What is co washing short for?

Conditioner-only washing

People who practice Co Washing (or co-washing) wash their hair with only conditioner, instead of conditioner and shampoo. As you might expect, this abbreviation is short for "conditioner-only washing."

Co Washers may be NoPooers, or they may be devotees of the Curly Girl Method (CGM). Either way, they likely believe that the sulfates and other synthetic materials included in shampoo actually damage hair, instead of making it healthier.

Different Co Washers use different conditioners, depending on their hair type and product preference. However, most Co Washers tend to avoid conditioners that contain silicones, for much the same reason they avoid shampoo.


My hair has been much less dry since I switched to Co Washing
A fledgling Co Washer seeking advice on Reddit
A fledgling Co Washer seeking advice on Reddit

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Updated July 22, 2022

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