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1. What is d short for?



D is short for "Di**," which is the male genitalia. It is typically used by guys to brag about how much a female wants to have sexual intercourse with them.

The abbreviation became popular in the 2010s to refer to the male body part, especially on social media and in text messages when "sexting" became popular. It is most often used by immature bros, but may also be used by females that are attracted to a guy.

D is also used in person, often when a group of dudes hangs out together, like at a bachelor party or fantasy football draft. It is used in various songs, with one of the first instances coming in the song "So Sexy" by Twista with R. Kelly on the Kamikaze album released in 2004.


She hasn't returned any of my texts today
Don't sweat it, man. You know she wants the d

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Updated December 4, 2020
2. What is d short for?


D is a sports abbreviation for defense that is most commonly used in fantasy football (FFB). It refers to the protection of a team's goal, basket, endzone, etc. in order to not allow the other team to score.

In FFB, owners draft an NFL team's defense and ST that are paired together in one position. Special teams are responsibly for punting and kicking the ball, whether it be for field goals or kicking off after a score. The position in the lineup can score points for an owner's team in different ways including keeping opponents from scoring, making interceptions, sacks, fumbles, scoring TDs off opposing offenses, returning kickoffs and punts for TDs.


I'm starting the Vikings d against the Bears so hopefully they get at least 10 points for me

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Updated October 24, 2016

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