What does deadly mean?


While it is unnatural to think of "deadly" being a good thing, people often use it to describe something as really good or impressive. For example, if your friend looks amazing in a dress, you might remark, "Tina that fit is deadly, gurrrrll!!"

You may see or hear deadly in various contexts, whether online, in messages, or in person, to describe really positive things, such as a fashion style, coolness of a car, or a person's athletic capability. For example, your friend may post a pic of his car on social media, "Check out my deadly new whip." Or, an NBA commentator may remark, "Anthony Edwards is deadly when driving the rock to the hoop."

Deadly is one of several slang terms that describe something good even though their original meaning appears otherwise. Other examples include sick, beast, cold, and wail.


That man's got a deadly drip
Bet. He's looking fire
Gushing over the singer's deadly outfit, vocals, and choreography
Gushing over the singer's deadly outfit, vocals, and choreography

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Updated July 26, 2023

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