What is the rock in basketball?

A basketball

In basketball, players, fans, and commentators may refer to the ball as a "rock." For example, if players want the ball, they may yell, "Pass the rock!"

When playing or watching a game, you may also hear people utter "shoot the rock" (shoot the ball) or "protect the rock" (don't turnover the ball). People may use it in any basketball context, whether watching a game or playing in the driveway, at the park, or in a video game.

Origin of rock in basketball

It is unclear who coined the slang term "rock" in basketball. Some believe it comes from shooting rocks into an improvised hoop when you don't have an actual basketball, but this origin is unconfirmed.


I didn't touch the rock all game
If they aren't passing it to you then you got to find a way to steal it or get boards
Tweet demanding people pass the rock
Tweet demanding people pass the rock

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Updated June 28, 2023

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