What does DILLIGAFF stand for?

Does it look like I give a flying flip?


DILLIGAFF is an extended version of the DILLIGAF acronym. It's another way of saying, "Does it look like I care?"

Angry and frustrated people use DILLIGAFF when they simply do not care about your problems or opinion. Online, people who use DILLIGAFF are often trolls or griefers looking to torment others.

While people may use DILLIGAFF just to be mean, some may be struggling and are just caught off guard, leading them to use the acronym. They may immediately apologize or apologize later, so try to de-escalate the situation if it arises.


Who are you voting for in November?
DILLIGAFF about politics?
Uh, I guess not
DILLIGAFF stands for "Does it look like I give a flying flip?"
DILLIGAFF stands for "Does it look like I give a flying flip?"

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Updated February 20, 2023

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