What does doggo mean?


Doggo is an affectionate, cutesy way to refer to a dog. This DoggoLingo term originated in Australia, and it was introduced to a wider audience via the Dogspotting Facebook group.

What is the origin of doggo?

Australians love adding -o to the end of words to make them sound cuter. That is how dog became doggo. As the Dogspotting Facebook group became popular among Australians, the term doggo began appearing in many of the group's posts and comments. Doggo quickly won over the hearts of online dog-lovers the world over, who began using doggo to refer to cute dogs not only on Facebook, but elsewhere.

What is DoggoLingo?

Doggo is the lynchpin of DoggoLingo, a collection of cutesy and onomatopoetic slang terms that are used primarily by dog- and other pet-lovers. While you're most likely to see DoggoLingo terms like smol, lorge, and blep used while discussing dogs and other animals, you may also see them used elsewhere online, by pet-lovers who have incorporated DoggoLingo into their everyday lexicon.


What a cute doggo!

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Updated September 29, 2021

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