Dub has 2 meanings
1. What is a dub?

$20 worth of marijuana

Dub is a measurement of marijuana that refers to $20 USD of the drug, which typically comes in a bag or sack. It is likely in the range of 1 to 4 grams (often 2 grams), depending on the quality and location of purchase. Dealers and users popularized the term to avoid detection from authorities.

You may hear or see people refer to weed as "dubs" in person, in messages, and online, especially on social media. For example, your friend may ask, "Can you pick up a dub for me when you're out?"

A person selling weed may also use dub when haggling over prices. For example, he may say, "i'll give ya a dub for $15. u in?"


trevor gave me a dub for 10 bucks
but it's trbl
Dub post on X
Dub post on X

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Updated June 6, 2024
2. What is a dub in sports?


A "dub" in sports is a victory for a player or team. The term comes from the pronunciation of "W" (double u), a single-letter abbreviation people often use to refer to a win. It became popular in the late 2010s among athletes and fans.

You may hear or see people use dub in sports-related contexts online, in messages, and in person. For example, an athlete may exclaim in a TV interview, "Bout to go get that dub!" Or, an Eagles football fan may lament on X, "we had that dub in our hands before smith fumbled it away. :("

Use of dub outside of sports

In some cases, you may see or hear people use dubs outside of sports to refer to personal victories. For example, if someone snags an attractive romantic partner or gets a job promotion, their friends may declare, "Let's go celebrate your dub tonight!"


The Celtics got the dub against the Mavs!
Can't believe they are only 1 win away from winning the chip!

The Buffalo Bills celebrating a big win

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Updated June 13, 2024

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