What does edtok mean?

An eating disorder community on TikTok

Edtok is an abbreviation for "eating disorder TikTok," a TikTok community of users that are struggling or have struggled with eating disorders (EDs). It is similar to edtwt, which is a community of Twitter users dealing with EDs.

Like edtwt, edtok is a controversial space that many critics accuse of glorifying EDs and keeping people in vicious ED cycles. However, edtok defenders argue that they receive encouragement from other users to combat their EDs.

There are many terms edtok and edtwt communities use to detail their struggles, including the following:

  • thinspo (short for "thin inspiration")
  • fatspo (short for "fat inspiration")
  • chubspo (short for "chubby inspiration")
  • meanspo (short for "mean inspiration")
  • sweetspo (short for "sweet inspiration")
  • bonespo (short for "bone inspiration")
  • proana (short for "pro-anorexia")
  • promia (short for "pro-bulimia")


I'm glad TikTok has posted helpful ED resources for those in the edtok community
Tweet about the dangers of edtok and edtwt
Tweet about the dangers of edtok and edtwt

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Updated November 15, 2022

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