Fake News

What does fake news mean?

Fake news source that pretends to be real

Fake news is a term that refers to news outlets that pretend to be real but are actually fake. Fake news includes false stories about all sorts of topics that are crafted in order to appear real and get traffic and social shares on Facebook and Twitter.

While fake news stories, like the satirical ones from The Onion, have been around for years they had never been more prevalent than during the 2016 race for POTUS. During the election many fake news stories were released to deceive people into believing conspiracy theories and other false claims. Many believe that the rise in fake news is due to diminishing newspapers and journalists and social media users willingness to share stories without fact-checking first.


Did you see that story about Santa holding the dying boy?
Yeah, it moved me to tears!
Me too, but I found out that it was fake news. :-(
Fake News means
Fake News means Fake news source that pretends to be real

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Updated December 16, 2016

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