Cop has 2 meanings
1. What does cop mean?

A police officer

Cop is a common slang term for a police officer. It is one of many terms for police, including po-po and the derogatory pig.

Origin of cop

There are several claims about the origin of cop. Some believe it is an acronym for "constable on patrol" (that comes from Old English) or "chief of police." While others claim that cop is short for "copper," which is the material of the badges New York City police officers previously wore. Another belief is that cop comes from "capere," which is Latin for "to take, seize, capture."

Who uses cop?

Cop is a universally-recognized term for a police officer. While it is still considered slang, most people use it as an official term for police officers.


I want to be a cop so I can help people in need
That's admirable

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Updated October 26, 2022
2. What does Cop stand for?

Close of play

COP stands for "close of play," which is typically used to refer to the end of a business day. It is similar to "COB" where the "play" is tongue in cheek for "work."

You will most likely only see COP in work-related emails sent by bosses who think it's a funnier version of COB. It is typically utilized to express the desire for something to be completed by the end of the workday.

However, it may also just refer to the hours that a business is open for, especially in-store. COP may be interchanged with the more common "EOD" acronym.


Get that spreadsheet to me by COP. Thanks!

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Updated December 8, 2020

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