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1. What is gma short for?


Gma is a common way to abbreviate "grandma." Most often, people often use gma when discussing their own or someone else's grandmother, in chat and text messages.

For example, your brother might text you "Hey, u coming 2 gma's 2day?," to ask if you're planning to stop by your grandmother's place.

In some cases, people may use gma as an insult, just as they'd use grandma. For example, if your BFF thinks you're being an old fuddy duddy, they may text you "C'mon, quit being a gma."


Gma beat me at UNO again!!!
She's unstoppable; I think she cheats

Gma's still got it

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Updated September 5, 2023
2. What does GMA mean in online chat?

Give me attention

Needy netizens use the acronym GMA to mean "give me attention." You're most likely to encounter this plea while ignoring someone in an online chat room or on social media.

If someone sends you GMA just once, you may want to consider giving them your attention. However, if someone spams you with GMA messages, you'll likely want to a) continue ignoring them and b) consider blocking them.


... no

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Updated April 7, 2022

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