What is gorpcore?

An aesthetic centered around outdoor wear

Gorpcore is a fashion trend that promotes wearing utilitarian, "outdoors-y" clothes in everyday life. Its name is a combination of GORP, a slang term for trail mix, and -core, a suffix that denotes a stylized aesthetic.

A typical gorpcore outfit might consist of:

  • A winter or brimmed hat
  • A puffer or lightweight rain jacket
  • Durable, zipper-pocket pants or shorts
  • Long, merino wool socks
  • Trail running or hiking shoes

Origin of gorpcore

Writer Jason Chen coined the term gorpcore in May 2017, in an article for New York magazine. In the article, Chen said gorpcore consists primarily of clothes you'd buy "at REI before a weekend in Phoenicia - practical, element-braving fleeces, ponchos, parkas, and windbreakers from no-nonsense brands like Patagonia, the North Face, ... and Brikenstock."


Tom's gone full gorpcore - he looks like a hiker who got lost and ended up in Chicago
But you know, those clothes really are practical
A Twitter user's thoughts on why gorpcore is popular in the U.S.
A Twitter user's thoughts on why gorpcore is popular in the U.S.

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Updated August 31, 2023

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