What does lumber mean in baseball?

Baseball bat

In baseball, "lumber" refers to the bat, which is typically made of wood. More specifically, people of ten use lumber to describe a hard hit or a player that can hit the ball far.

For example, a player may step up to the plate, and the announcer says, "Diaz got some great lumber on the pitch for his 40th home run of the season." Or, fans may argue about the best power hitter in the lineup, "Lewis definitely brings the lumber, so I don't get why he's not batting cleanup."

Origin of lumber

The baseball slang term "lumber" originates from the use of wood (also known as "lumber"). It is unclear who first used the term, but players, announcers, and fans have used it since the early 20th century.

Since wood is the only material allowed in the MLB, you will likely only see it used to describe MLB (and minor league) players. However, you may also see and hear people use lumber in lower levels where they use metal bats.


For how much speed Williams brings to the basepaths, it's also remarkable to see the lumber he provides at the plate
Certainly, his bat speed is so quick
Harold using his lumber for a home run
Harold using his lumber for a home run

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Updated October 4, 2023

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